Iota Omicron

Lander University


ZTA strives to do our very best at everything we do, especially when it involves academics. Our chapter has mandated studied hours for each member based on each sisters GPA. These hours make sure that each member is getting the hours needed in order to maintain GPA and also it gives sisters a chance to study together.

Our chapter also has "Geek of the Week" every week for a sister who has completed the most hours in the library! This ensures that sisters are completing their necessary study time, but also have a fun incentive or reward for doing so. 

Iota Omicron's Academic Achievements Chair thinks of a lot of fun and exciting ways to make learning and studying fun. By doing so, we give incentives to the sisters that do well during the week on tests and quizzes.

We try to make studying easier for each sister by pairing them up with a sister in their same major. This is helpful because they can study and ask questions with someone who is familiar with the material.

Five sisters are now members of the Blue Key National Honor Society. This society is for students who have above a 3.0 for consecutive semesters.

Nationwide Zeta Tau Alpha:

GPA of 3.1

Scholarships are offered awarding over 5,000 sisters in 60 years.