Iota Omicron

Lander University


Along with all of the hardwork that we do throughout the year, we get to have a little fun too!

Our socials are a time to hangout, dance and just have a great time.

We have themed mixers once a month. We vote on a theme and it's a great way to get everyone excited. We enjoy having date functions where sisters get to invite a date for the night. 

Some former themes we've had a lot of fun dressing up for are:

TallaZeta Nights, $5 Prom, Great Gatsby, Tacky Tourist, You are what You Netflix, Zetalina Crownmixer, Jersey Night and so many more!

Each year, we also have Semi-Formal, which is held in December, and Formal, which is held in April. These Crown Balls are like an informal prom. Everyone looks forward to them as a fun and exciting way to end each semester together.

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