Iota Omicron

Lander University


"They're the world my world revolves around, my sacred piece of solid ground, the flesh and bone that gives me strength to stand"

Parents are an important aspect to their daughter's experience in being a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha. Whether they provide financial support for ZTA, or motivate sisters to play a larger role in the chapter, parents act as a foundation for their child to build their dreams upon.

Since parents have such an important role, we think it is only fair that we give something back to them to show our apprectiation. Every year, in the fall, we have a Parent's Social.  Some years we have a Parent's Cocktail, which is in the evening, and other years we have a Parent's Brunch.  Each sister can bring both of her parents and we eat, listen to music and socialize.  It is a great, fun and simple way to show them what ZTA is all about and just how much we appreciate them.

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